Painting with Light

Painting with Light

  • C-Mine 127, 3600 Genk, België

Painting with Light is a team of professional lighting and multimedia experts who design and produce visual experiences that dazzle & shine.

By combining lighting, video, scenic and architectural elements, sound and special effects we tell stories, create emotion and give your audience an experience that they will always remember.

Our Visual Design Studio offers you a one-stop shopping experience. From first design to construction, Painting with Light combines it's creative expertise with the technical knowledge for your event or project.

1. Concept Design

After a briefing and a brainstorming session, we start on the design process. We create the lighting concept and illustrate this in drawings. We present the concept to you in graphical images, based on Photoshop visuals or ‘What You See Is What You Get' 3D models. The visuals are always as close as possible to what it will look like in reality.

2. Technical Design

We transform the design concept into realistic possibilities in order to guarantee the result. We check which technical solutions are most suitable, and if the marketplace doesn't have an answer, we will develop a custom made lighting device. We can perform tests installation in our studio to check the possibilities and verify in if we have achieved the desired result. We make a temporary estimation of the design and installation costs and the energy consumption. We also calculate the available subsidies for energy saving interventions. We provide a tailor-made optimisation of the selected armatures and the control of the lighting and / or multimedia installation. It's also possible to work out a full system integration programme, even if the installation is not designed by us.

3. Final Design/Content Design

After the approval we make the necessary light calculations based on photometric data from the manufacturer, and if needed we can create new visuals in 2 or 3D of the actual design. We deliver a file with all the useful design documentation, including layouts, obligatory technical documents, assembly manuals and the necessary cable and driver diagrams. If needed we can provide a full spec document for tenders. We can also help you with reviewing and offering advice in the quotes from the contractors. We also have a team of multimedia specialists, including graphic designers who will deliver the required content.

4. Project Management - Installation - Programming

Depending on the project and the relevant knowledge or experience, we can engage in the complete installation or part/s of the process. During the installation we provide a dedicated project manager, who will attend the site meetings, undertake regular reporting and co-ordinate 'the bigger picture'. Our team of professional and talented programmers will guarantee the programming and the control aspects of the system/s and create the desired ambience and experience.

5. Delivery, Training and After-Sales Service

We provide a full range of services with the delivery, including a review of the files as-built, and overview of the maintenance contracts. We provide all necessary documentation and manuals. We can also provide custom training sessions for the operation and the maintenance of the systems as required.

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1 review over Painting with Light

Kurt Vanvelk
Expert|BTST Drone-Partner|

Amazing light productions & nice people

Very professional team, with a fresh and unique idea how a total light experience NEED to be!

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