NEXT meeting technology

  • Noorwegenstraat 49, 9940 Evergem, België

NEXT is all about meeting technology. We offer premium AV and production services for the meeting industry. From audio, video or light equipment to e-posters, interactive screens or mobile apps, we have all the technology your meeting needs. 


We believe meeting technology is not only about the equipment, it's the people who make the difference. That's why we offer a very personal approach. Highly skilled technicians on-site and experienced account managers to streamline the whole process: before, during and after the meeting.


We combine premium AV solutions with innovative multimedia tools. Mixing those 2 skills makes us a unique technology partner for the meeting and conference market.


We're in it for the long run. Our mission is clear. We want to be involved, understand your meeting, use high standards and create added value, year after year.

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