XL Video Nederland bv


XL Video Nederland bv
Haparandaweg 67 E3
NL-1013 Amsterdam

T +31205814020
F +31302482277
M +31 624356947

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XL Video was formed in the year 1996 and has quickly established itself as the international market leader in the field of video production for trade shows, outdoor events, indoor events, concert touring and television shows. We are a leading rental supplier of video display systems with indoor and outdoor LED screens as well as having one of the largest fleets of high brightness projectors which also complement our fully SDI camera systems. We guarantee creativity, quality and innovation with tailor made solutions and work in close cooperation with all the leading manufacturers of this state-of-the-art technology. XL Video is a global player with offices around the world to serve you anywhere at anytime, offering experience, expertise and the right people for the job, with an impressive track record to prove it!

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Activiteitsregio's: Flevoland | Fryslân | Gelderland | Groningen | Limburg | Noord-Brabant | Noord-Holland | Overijssel | Drenthe | Utrecht | Zeeland | Zuid-Holland

Activiteiten: Verhuur audiovisueel materiaal | Verhuur licht- en geluidsinstallaties | Audiovisuele concepten

Trefwoorden: led | videowall | ledwall | videoschermen | televisie shows | outdoor events | indoor events | video | video production | concert | touring | verhuur audiovisueel materiaal | audiovisueel materiaal verhuur | verhuur licht | verhuur geluid | geluid verhuur | licht verhuur | geluidsinstallatie | verhuur geluidsinstallatie | geluidsinstallatie verhuur | geluidsinstallatie huren | geluidsinstallaties | geluidsinstallaties verhuur | verhuur geluidsinstallaties | geluidsinstallaties huren | licht huren | geluid huren | audiovisuele concepten


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